A Hens Party Activity The Hen Would Never Expect

Hens Party Activity

Sure, the old faithful Cocktail Mixing and Dance Classes are fun as a Hens Party Activity, but we’ve all been there and done that. There are only so many willy straws and topless waiters a woman can take!

Above all, you want to treat your bestie to something she would never expect, something completely unique to make her last hurrah truly memorable! It is her Hens Party after all.

Interactive African Drumming is an invigorating hens party activity. It also provides an opportunity to bond with the girls while doing something none of you has ever tried before.

Drum Roll, Please!

Picture this… Guests are surprised and delighted with a vibrant African drum and dance spectacular by a Master Drummer from Africa. Using an array of traditional African drums and dressed in colourful and vibrant African costume, our authentic musicians transport your guests to the tribal villages of Africa. The whole atmosphere vibrates with the sounds of drumming and singing.

Here’s What To Expect For An African Drumming Hens Party Activity

  • Everyone drums together with an electric atmosphere in the air. The energy of the music creates excitement and smiles all round.
  • African Beat’s Master Drummer from Africa guides the girls to play a variety of different African beats, layering sounds, and rhythms, bringing everyone together in harmony.
  • Take pleasure in watching the ladies transform into a unified percussion orchestra, laughing, enjoying themselves and opening up to each other.
  • Our talented performers showcase their drumming and dancing solos adding a fantastic WOW factor to the event.

What’s More…

If that isn’t enough, the upbeat music gets you all dancing like no-ones watching.

Drumming together lifts spirits and lowers inhibitions so expect everyone to let loose and dance to the beat of their own drum! Think tribal warrior style.
Not forgetting the all-important bride-to-be. She’ll be the star of the show!

Think Outside The Box

Forget tradition for a hens party activity and blow the future bride away with something they’ll never forget!

African Beat loves to delight their clients with dynamic, upbeat displays of authentic African entertainment. Find out more.

Interactive African Drumming Infographic

Infographic by For Every Hen

Revolutionary Body Percussion for Team Building

Body Percussion Clapping

What is body percussion?

Body Percussion is traced back to the mines of South Africa, where miners communicated with each other using sounds and rhythms. You can make music even without instruments because your body is an instrument! Your body acts like a drum-kit which means you can create amazing rhythms through clap, snap, stomp and slap and more. So, the main movements that we use at African Beat are:

  • Clicking the fingers
  • Clapping the hands
  • Patting or knocking the chest
  • Patting the thighs with open palms
  • Stamping the feet on the floor

It’s a bonding exercise

Have you ever seen a group of people working together to produce the same rhythm? It’s unifying, electrifying, and above all fun, all rolled into one. Body percussion is a quick technique and also one of the simplest ways of experiencing elation in a large group of people because there’s no setup or equipment.

This team building activity utilises your body as a source of percussion! Your team will come together as they slap, clap, click, stomp, and even bump their way to a universal rhythm. It’s a very versatile way to energise, connect, and motivate people, particularly if you are short of time.

Free Body Percussion for Team Building Resource

We are African Beat! First of all, we have 15 years experience in organising Team Building and Incentive events for small, medium, large & also huge companies. Our sessions are a fail-safe way to get the entire audience involved and moving to the rhythm because of the energising beats and rhythms generated. Our Body Percussion session will get your audience to move in unity and create a very unique and powerful experience of togetherness which they will certainly remember for a lifetime!

Download our FREE Body Percussion Team Building Video


  1. Total inclusion – Anyone and everyone can participate, irrespective of culture, language, age or fitness level. Above all, no previous musical experience is required!
  2. Lack of competition – Body Percussion does not create divisions between participants so no one loses out or is humiliated.
  3. Stress release – This creative process releases natural endorphins hence people relax and just have some fun time.
  4. Long-lasting effects – Most people that have participated in our team building body percussion activity say that memories of the activity stay with them for a long time. We make sure that the audience will have a memorable and fun experience.

Word of warning… The one thing that you need to worry about is your staff taking off on world tours with their new air band!

When to use body percussion?

One of the main features is its appropriateness to a broad range of occasions, including:

  • team building events
  • team meetings
  • conferences
  • meeting and conference openings
  • icebreakers
  • corporate away-days
  • conference and meeting energisers
  • management and leadership training
  • motivational events
  • corporate parties
  • product launches

Therefore, the best part is, you don’t need an instrument to make music — you always have a hand clap just an arm’s length away (drum roll, please!)

African Beat are leaders in African Style Body Percussion. In fact, our Performers (including Master Drummer Tuza – the Artistic Director of African Beat) have been playing percussion all their life.

We specialise in providing inclusive events for team building and corporate entertainment. In our vast experience, we have successfully delivered plenty of team building events, involving thousands of participants from around the globe. We give emphasis to the activities that are enjoyable by everyone. Body Percussion brings people together, and the effects last for a long time.

BOOM Beats – Interactive Drumming for Everyone

BOOM Beats! Drumming for everyone!

BOOM Beats! A must see show!

BOOM Beats! provides a rare opportunity that involves the whole family, from the youngest to the oldest, to boogie on down and have some fun together. Complete with an African drum on each seat you are drawn into not only a music lesson but also a visual & audible spectacle from the incredible performers.

The Salaka Ensemble

This group of musicians, singers and dancers, billed as Ghana’s hottest Drum & Dance Ensemble, have toured Australian schools & local communities for the past 11 years. Saturday, September 22, 2018 marks their debut Public Show, right here in Brisbane. The Salaka Ensemble are incredibly energetic and passionate about sharing their heritage. It only takes a few minutes to understand why – it’s truly fantastic. Their infectious enthusiasm for the music will create an overwhelming desire for the audience to experience this joy for themselves.

Enchanting, exhilarating and engaging

With an African Djembe drum on every seat (we don’t call them Bongos, come to the show to find out why!) you won’t be able to resist giving them a try, tapping a few beats while you wait for the show to begin.
From the outset, expect a party feel. BOOM Beats! does not rely on the drums alone to create an atmosphere, be prepared for singing and dancing, a story and a surprise or two to leave you wanting more.
The quality of the acapella singing, the dancing and, in particular, the drumming is sure to stun audiences.
The drums on every seat ensure that EVERYONE is able to join in the fun of a show that embraces the audience in such a feel-good atmosphere of togetherness.

The Essential Bits to Know

Date: Saturday 22 September 2018
Time: 2pm
Location: Polding Theatre, Lourdes Hill College, 86 Hawthorne Road, Hawthorne, QLD
Free Entry for children under two (no seat allocated).

Get your tickets today… don’t miss out on this opportunity to bring your family together.

Finally, a show that is as fun for you as it is for the kids!

African Drumming Lifts Spirits At The Gold Coast Marathon

African Drumming Gold Coast Marathon

Sunday 1 July 2018 marks the 40th edition of the Gold Coast Marathon & runners are celebrating with African Drumming! We are thrilled to be chosen to provide weary runners with a welcome distraction. The Gold Coast may be famous for it’s flat, fast and 42km scenic course, but it’s no easy feat so African Beat’s Authentic African drummers will be there to create an exciting atmosphere for participants & spectators.

Benefits of Drumming for Team Building in the Workplace

Drumming for Team Building

We all understand the importance of team members feeling comfortable working together & trusting each other. Team building is vital to a company’s success & should be incorporated into the schedule to ensure maximum productivity. Of the least known yet effective team bonding activities, African drumming makes the list. This involves a team drumming together in sync in a bid to improve on group dynamics in addition to enhancing togetherness. Few people are aware of how effective drumming is to team building. We are going to take a look at the benefits of drumming for team building in the workplace.