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Which African Entertainment Company?

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Stop! Before Booking ANY Entertainment…

With so much choice online these days, how do you know which African Entertainment company to book?
Let me ask you a simple question… How do you know you are getting 100% Authentic African drummers and dancers at the best price? Can all these companies who claim to offer African entertainment be relied on? In our experience, no they can’t! We’ve heard some horror stories over the years and we don’t want to be tarnished with the same brush!

So, before booking, please consider the questions below.

African Entertainment Company

  • Do they have Working With Children Checks and Public Liability?
  • Are the performers authentic? Meaning are they actually from Africa? Check out the “Meet Our Team” Section of their website and check if the performers are from Africa or Australia.
  • Is the entertainment authentic? Meaning is it a traditional cultural experience?
  • Can they provide you with at least 10 testimonials from various organisations?
  • Do they offer entertainment that includes African Dance, Music, Drumming and Singing?
  • Can they deliver nationwide? If so are you sure they will turn up or not cancel on you at short notice?
  • Do they have credibility or do you know how long they have been around for?
  • Do they have a dedicated support team to help you coordinate your event?

If they can’t answer these questions with full confidence we strongly recommend that you keep searching! You don’t want to ruin your event or day by booking the wrong company. We have seen so many organisations let down by companies claiming to provide similar experiences, so choose wisely.

For an African Entertainment Company you can rely on consider us, African Beat. We just don’t provide entertainment but an experience you will never forget. We take pride in every experience we provide and promise you will not be disappointed.

Salaka’s Favourite Ghanaian Recipe

Ghanaian Recipe

Salaka’s Ghanaian recipe is delicious.

Did you know Salaka means sharing? Salaka want to share their culture with Australians. Here’s our favourite dish you can make at home. 

Ghanaian Goat Curry/Stew

Ghanaian Recipe Ingredients

Lots of Oil for frying*

Chopped Goat Meat with bones**



Chilli Pepper***

Ginger, grated (approx. 2 TBsp)

Tomato Puree (approx. 4 small tins)

Chopped Tomatoes (4 tins)

Maggi cubes, at least 6 (according to taste) alternative use ordinary stock cubes.

Curry Powder – Madras – (3-4 Tsp If you want a stronger curry flavour, add more)

Fresh Coriander, chopped (lots)

Fresh Parsley (preferably flat leaf), chopped (approx. 2 Tsp).



Put all the ingredients, except for the onions, chilli and tomato paste into a large oven casserole dish or slow cooker/crock pot.

Fry the onions and chilli pepper until the onions are soft, and then add the tomato puree. Continue frying this for a few minutes.

Add this to the rest of the ingredients in the pot. Stir in water according to desired consistency (you may need to add more water during the cooking process.

Give it all a good stir. For the oven, casserole use the usual setting you use when making meat casseroles – e.g. 160-200C. Again let it cook for several hours until the meat is tender, just falls off the bone, but not disintegrating.


* Oil – It’s worth noting that Ghanaians use a lot of oil and salt in their cooking. You can still achieve a delicious dish by using less of the bad stuff!

** Goat – trade for lamb or beef if you can’t find goat
*** Chilli Pepper – should look like a sweet bell pepper but small & squashed. The squashed chilli peppers are HOT, they give a great flavour, though. If you can’t take the heat, do not cut open the chilly, let it cook whole and then take out before serving. If you can’t get that one, any other hot chilli will do.