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Having Fun Is A Recipe For Joy – Find Out Why

One of our favourite things to do at African Beat is run workshops and events with kids. There is something about the unbridle joy of beating in time and moving with the beat that makes everyone smile. It is so much FUN!

As adults, we sometimes get caught up in the seriousness of life and concern about being watched or judged.

While adults feel it is their job to teach the younger generation, sometimes there are thing adults can learn from watching kids.

Here is what we have learnt from our years working with young people teaching them how to drum:

  1. Being creative is fun

Watching kids lose themselves in drumming is uplifting; the abandon and joy in hitting the drum and making music. Kids are so good at immersing in creativity when we can get them away from the computer screen. Being creative is worthwhile – it opens opportunities to try new ideas and helps with our problems solving abilities and self-expression.

  1. Being brave

For many people, the thought of singing or dancing in front of others is daunting and makes their toes curl up in fear. When kids are young, they’re not worried about fear, failure or humiliation. They are still full of hope because they don’t know any better. When kids get in front of their drum and let go, you can see the joy in what they are doing. They are not worried about if people are looking at them, they are just having fun.

  1. Being silly and laughing more

Kids find silliness everywhere – in bodily noises, in videos on YouTube, in corny knock knock jokes. Laughter makes us happier, it makes us less stressed and releases feel-good chemicals that make us … well … feel good. Watching kids crack up over something silly they have seen or enjoying a fun activity together like drumming, brings a smile to our faces. We just want more people to have fun and enjoy life a little more.

Which African Entertainment Company?

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Stop! Before Booking ANY Entertainment…

With so much choice online these days, how do you know which African Entertainment company to book?
Let me ask you a simple question… How do you know you are getting 100% Authentic African drummers and dancers at the best price? Can all these companies who claim to offer African entertainment be relied on? In our experience, no they can’t! We’ve heard some horror stories over the years and we don’t want to be tarnished with the same brush!

So, before booking, please consider the questions below.

African Entertainment Company

  • Do they have Working With Children Checks and Public Liability?
  • Are the performers authentic? Meaning are they actually from Africa? Check out the “Meet Our Team” Section of their website and check if the performers are from Africa or Australia.
  • Is the entertainment authentic? Meaning is it a traditional cultural experience?
  • Can they provide you with at least 10 testimonials from various organisations?
  • Do they offer entertainment that includes African Dance, Music, Drumming and Singing?
  • Can they deliver nationwide? If so are you sure they will turn up or not cancel on you at short notice?
  • Do they have credibility or do you know how long they have been around for?
  • Do they have a dedicated support team to help you coordinate your event?

If they can’t answer these questions with full confidence we strongly recommend that you keep searching! You don’t want to ruin your event or day by booking the wrong company. We have seen so many organisations let down by companies claiming to provide similar experiences, so choose wisely.

For an African Entertainment Company you can rely on consider us, African Beat. We just don’t provide entertainment but an experience you will never forget. We take pride in every experience we provide and promise you will not be disappointed.

BOOM Beats – Interactive Drumming for Everyone

BOOM Beats! Drumming for everyone!

BOOM Beats! A must see show!

BOOM Beats! provides a rare opportunity that involves the whole family, from the youngest to the oldest, to boogie on down and have some fun together. Complete with an African drum on each seat you are drawn into not only a music lesson but also a visual & audible spectacle from the incredible performers.

The Salaka Ensemble

This group of musicians, singers and dancers, billed as Ghana’s hottest Drum & Dance Ensemble, have toured Australian schools & local communities for the past 11 years. Saturday, September 22, 2018 marks their debut Public Show, right here in Brisbane. The Salaka Ensemble are incredibly energetic and passionate about sharing their heritage. It only takes a few minutes to understand why – it’s truly fantastic. Their infectious enthusiasm for the music will create an overwhelming desire for the audience to experience this joy for themselves.

Enchanting, exhilarating and engaging

With an African Djembe drum on every seat (we don’t call them Bongos, come to the show to find out why!) you won’t be able to resist giving them a try, tapping a few beats while you wait for the show to begin.
From the outset, expect a party feel. BOOM Beats! does not rely on the drums alone to create an atmosphere, be prepared for singing and dancing, a story and a surprise or two to leave you wanting more.
The quality of the acapella singing, the dancing and, in particular, the drumming is sure to stun audiences.
The drums on every seat ensure that EVERYONE is able to join in the fun of a show that embraces the audience in such a feel-good atmosphere of togetherness.

The Essential Bits to Know

Date: Saturday 22 September 2018
Time: 2pm
Location: Polding Theatre, Lourdes Hill College, 86 Hawthorne Road, Hawthorne, QLD
Free Entry for children under two (no seat allocated).

Get your tickets today… don’t miss out on this opportunity to bring your family together.

Finally, a show that is as fun for you as it is for the kids!