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How To Wow Your Customers

Loyalty is hard to come by these days. The competition for a dollar is ongoing and never seems to end. Standing out is the key … along with great customer service, quality products and services and passion for what you do.
How do you stand out?

Amazing customer service

How quick are people to leave a review about bad service? Far more than about good service. In an age where there are so many options, ‘breaking up’ with a brand is common. The idea is to wow and woo every step of the way. Take the time to train your people in upping their customer service.

Respond to negative reviews – studies have shown that customers are more likely to return if they feel their complaint has been dealt with.

Stand out

Take the time to really hone your brand. Recognition is the way to people’s hearts, so your brand needs to differentiate you from your competition. Another way to stand out is to put on a show – invite your clients/customers to a drumming performance, especially one featuring your people. African Beat believes that drumming is the way to people’s hearts and minds.

Drumming invigorates and lifts people. Inviting your customers/clients to be part of something that’s not salesy but just ‘because’ will help you stand out. If you are launching a new product, why not do it with a bang … of the drum.

Reward loyalty

People spend more money with businesses they are loyal to. Have a reward program, send special gifts, go above and beyond, communicate before they ask questions, respond quickly, remember birthdays, or add something extra when you deliver the finished product or service.

Give back

Not only do people who give are healthier and happier, but they are great to be around. That’s because there is something fulfilling about giving back. A great way to wow your customers is to support good causes – not because it will wow them but because it is the right thing to do.

Fess up

This is a big one – owning mistakes. If you or one of your people makes a mistake, own it. It is a great way to stand out in a world where there is so much cover up and passing the buck. This ties in with point 1 – If people have a negative experience with you and you do not get on top of it, they will write you off.

Word of mouth works both ways – negative feedback spreads like wildfire through social media.

Team Work – That’s The Difference

Sometimes getting team dynamics is not about having a team building guru come in but about remembering the joy of team work.

It is easy in the hurley burley of day-to-day tasks, deadlines and pressures to forget we are working with other human beings. The pressure to get a job done can sometimes over shadow the team connection. We forget to rely on each other. Instead seeing any interruptions or distraction as an intrusion into our space.

Of course, there are some things we need to do as individuals but the ultimate success of any project or organisation comes down the sum of its parts – the team.

Next time you are cursing being part of a team and the boss is suggesting a team building exercise, remember these six points of the benefits of being in high functioning and happy team.

  1. Teams that creative together, thrive together

There is something exciting about putting heads together to come up with creative solutions, brainstorming new ways to look at an old problem. When teams get creative together, there is infusion of motivation and freshness that comes from combining unique perspectives. Being creative on your own also means there is no one there to celebrate the triumph of coming up with something new.

  1. Teams that complement

When you bake a cake, you have to have all the right ingredients to get it right, so it rises. Same with a team – none of us have all the skills and characteristics necessary to be good at everything. Each of us has our set of abilities that when combined with a team can add value to the overall project.

  1. Trusting in your team

When we rely on others to get a job done, it builds trust. WE know that person has got our back, we are not on our own. Of course, we are not always going to agree with each other -we are human after all but an effective team working together can create a strong bond.  When you trust your team, it gives space for creativity to flourish and is a safe place to come up with new ideas.

Without trust, nothing works, and this is where things fall apart. That’s where a good team building session with African Beat comes into play. The power of drumming, being in harmony together brings people closer and cements a trusting environment.

  1. Teams learn how to deal with conflict

You cannot have a bunch of people working together and everyone gets along all the time. People come from different backgrounds, different ideas and different habits- some of those can be irksome. But working as a team can teach us how to work through those differences, be more accepting and how to avoid minor differences become major conflicts.

  1. Teams take ownership

When teams trust each other and embraces each other’s strengths and differences, it creates a great place to take ownership of wins (and even losses).

  1. Teams embrace risk taking

Not the bungee jump type but the strength in unity type. There is reason for the saying safety in numbers. When working something together, it feels safer to stick your neck out as a team rather than just you. Working as a team means you can take more risks because the team has got each other’s backs.

African Beat has impressed groups from 10 to over 1000 participants. We have the experience under our belts to deliver a successful drum team building event for groups of all shapes and sizes. So, if you want to try something a little different but something that is jam packed with fun and laughter, contact us today.

The Reasons Your Team Is Not Happy

A lot of effort goes into creating a high functioning team, right from the get-go. It is vital to ensure there is the right mix of skills, experience and personality make up.

What happens when this team dissolves into unhappiness, filled with backbiting, arguing and become unproductive. It can spell disaster for the project.

There are few reasons a team becomes unhappy. Luckily, there are fixes to get them back on track.

1. You

As the leader of a team, it is your job to guide, support and encourage. Sadly, many leaders are more like managers – bossing the team around, micromanaging and getting the way of progress. If you are just sitting back in your office expecting the team to do all the work and you get the glory, then your team is not going to respect you. A good leader is transparent, engages with the team, walks the walk, supports the team to grow and learn, listens to feedback and takes the time to keep the team up to date.

2. Recognition

Your team works hard to get the job done and if no one ever says thank you, or job well done, chances are there will be discontent in the ranks. Team recognition is vital to the ongoing happiness of any workplace. But there is not one size fits all. If you know your team well, then make sure you have appropriate recognition for all personality types. Some people like a public pat on the back by being acknowledge at team meetings or company newsletters, others like a monetary award like a gift card or voucher. Someone else might like time off, with an early mark on a Friday afternoon or assigning a new project that they can oversee, taking into their leadership skills.

3. Unfamiliarity

They say breeds contempt. If your team is reasonably new, it may be worth investing in a team building exercise like drumming with African Beat. We provide a drum for everyone, transforming your team into a fun, dynamic drumming orchestra. The overall experience of making music together showcases the importance of teamwork.

4. Training

Most people enjoy learning new skills. Take the time to recognise ambition and the desire to learn and grow in your team. Invest in training programs that enhance your people’s skills so they can add more value to the team. Not investing in training – internal or external – lead to stagnation and stale thinking.

You have to keep things fresh.

Need some fresh, fun ideas to keep your team smiling, contact us today.

Team Building Ideas To Invigorate Your Team

Team Building ideas

Looking for Team Building Ideas? Our Interactive Drumming can be the perfect Team Building activity for a host of different occasions. Dynamic, authentic performances bring people together and get everyone involved in a fun packed performance you won’t want to end!

Download our Free Team Building Video, now!

Annual Conference

Take a break from your routine annual conference to stimulate your participants. Get your conference off to an energetic start, increase concentration & enthusiasm.

  • Explosive ‘wake-up’ session, fun icebreaker, motivational team building activity
  • African Beat can tailor a program to suit, incorporating your conference theme


Drum up your celebration! Choose an interactive drumming experience for everyone, or a showcase performance. No matter how big or small the party, African Beat guarantees it will be one to remember.

  • Weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs and birthday parties
  • Indoor or outdoor

Looking for ideas for events, incentives, motivational activities, team building games and activities, icebreaker games, corporate fun? Look no further!

Ice Breaker/Energiser

With a drum for everyone, the audience is transformed into a percussion orchestra, totally enthralled and inspired by the rhythm. Surprise and engage your delegates with an explosive, interactive drumming experience.


Company Christmas Party Entertainment

A staff party at Christmas is an excellent way of saying a big thank you to your staff.

  • Inclusive, creative, upbeat, very merry!
  • Get everyone into the rhythm of the festive season
  • End the year on a high note

Motivational Speakers

Imagine the reactions of your audience when the ironic ‘motivational speaker’ does not utter a single word, yet speaks volumes about teamwork through the power of drumming. This refreshing and creative approach is more powerful than words.

Office Parties/Retreats

If you are looking for inspiration for your office party, African Beat guarantees a fun, memorable and unique experience.

  • Liven up the party
  • Staff will be talking about the party for weeks afterwards


Road Shows

Drum up support for your products across the country and impress consumers with a dynamic image of your company!

    • Add a wow factor to your roadshow
    • Draw attention to your products & create a highly memorable event.

Product launches

African Beat’s drumming spectacular can increase your company’s visibility, helping to promote your product in an original and exciting way with maximum impact and energy.

Awards nights

Drumming is a powerful way to express recognition and honour success. African Beat creates unique awards celebrations, guaranteed to excite participants and leave a lasting impression.

      • Drive your team to exceed expectations
      • Achieve personal and organisational goals.

Team Building Ideas

Need more Team Building Ideas? Contact us, we love to talk all things team building.

Which African Entertainment Company?

sydney excursions

Stop! Before Booking ANY Entertainment…

With so much choice online these days, how do you know which African Entertainment company to book?
Let me ask you a simple question… How do you know you are getting 100% Authentic African drummers and dancers at the best price? Can all these companies who claim to offer African entertainment be relied on? In our experience, no they can’t! We’ve heard some horror stories over the years and we don’t want to be tarnished with the same brush!

So, before booking, please consider the questions below.

African Entertainment Company

  • Do they have Working With Children Checks and Public Liability?
  • Are the performers authentic? Meaning are they actually from Africa? Check out the “Meet Our Team” Section of their website and check if the performers are from Africa or Australia.
  • Is the entertainment authentic? Meaning is it a traditional cultural experience?
  • Can they provide you with at least 10 testimonials from various organisations?
  • Do they offer entertainment that includes African Dance, Music, Drumming and Singing?
  • Can they deliver nationwide? If so are you sure they will turn up or not cancel on you at short notice?
  • Do they have credibility or do you know how long they have been around for?
  • Do they have a dedicated support team to help you coordinate your event?

If they can’t answer these questions with full confidence we strongly recommend that you keep searching! You don’t want to ruin your event or day by booking the wrong company. We have seen so many organisations let down by companies claiming to provide similar experiences, so choose wisely.

For an African Entertainment Company you can rely on consider us, African Beat. We just don’t provide entertainment but an experience you will never forget. We take pride in every experience we provide and promise you will not be disappointed.

Spring Clean Your Workplace

The doonas have been put away at home. You no longer need to rug up like an eskimo to get to work in the morning and when you leave, the sun is still shining.

Spring is here and many people are giving their home a once-over. So why not give the office a spring clean. Time to go through the filing cabinets, clear out all the many plastic lids in the staff kitchen and reenergise the team.

Giving the workplace a spring clean is more than just cleaning, it is removing any stagnant energy built up after a winter of colds and flus, the lower energy that comes when it gets cold.

Cleaning up gets rid of clutter … but where to start?

Your desk

When was the last time your desk had a good wipe over? Chances are you came to work with a snuffly nose and a pesky cough, breathing germs all over your space. Time to get the spray cleaner and wipe down your phone, keyboard, mouse and desk. File away old papers, get rid of the piles in your to do list and organise into something resembling order. Then hit your email inbox getting rid of junk mail and emails you have responded to.

Equipment check

There is nothing more annoying than a printer that constantly jams up. If cash flow allows, maybe it is time to get a new one. You have probably heard lots of cursing coming from the photocopier room and this frustration leads to a decrease in productivity. Spring is a great time to check all office equipment to make sure it is working and functioning at 100%.

Team spirits

They’ve done studies finding winter makes people sad. It is called seasonable affective disorder (SAD). It impacts motivation, energy and loss of interest. Then there is the constant cycle of illness that comes with every winter – ongoing colds and flus that wear people down. It is worth considering a team spring clean of the spirit. A great way to do this is by doing a team building day with African Beat. Armed with drums, the team comes to you to help your team make music together. It is inspiring, brings everyone together as a renewed team and is the ultimate mood lifter.

Team Building Doesn’t Have To Be A Drag

The announcement comes through the internal messaging system – the date for the next team building activity.

Throughout the organisation, there are collective groans and eye rolls because the team knows it will be like Groundhog Day – the same old same old. The keynote speaker talking about team work and sharing a story while most struggle to stay awake and engaged.

Or it is a physical activity that gets the fit in the office excited but the ones who are not so athletic, cringe and hope they will be sick that day.

Or the trust fall activity. Yes, your colleague might catch you on the day but there is big difference between doing something because you are expected to and being accountable.

If you are going to do team building, make sure it is something that everyone can connect over, that brings people together in the spirit of creating something worthwhile and lifts the spirits.

African drumming can do all of this. There are many articles on the healing power of drumming for the individual. The same applies to teams.  Here’s why and how.


You do not have to be Dave Grohl or John Bonham to nail drumming especially as a team building exercise. Drumming as a team is about movement and unifying emotion and thought.


There is something about making music as a team that lifts the spirits – the joy on people’s face when they are in harmony with those around them. Studies have shown that drumming can be great for releasing anger and creating joy. It is all about stress relief – when we hold onto anger and other emotions that create disruption, it leads to illness and disease. Drumming alleviates this.


When you get African Beat into to a team building session, there is a team bonding over the drums. By creating a team orchestra, new dynamics are established. Drumming brings people together in creativity and spirit.


Doing the same thing over and over is a recipe for disengagement. There is nothing to look forward to. Even if you do drumming a couple of times a year as a team, each session is different. Different sounds are created. Different beats are generated. Making music is the ultimate in being creative. It makes people smile and have fun.

Revolutionary Body Percussion for Team Building

Body Percussion Clapping

What is body percussion?

Body Percussion is traced back to the mines of South Africa, where miners communicated with each other using sounds and rhythms. You can make music even without instruments because your body is an instrument! Your body acts like a drum-kit which means you can create amazing rhythms through clap, snap, stomp and slap and more. So, the main movements that we use at African Beat are:

  • Clicking the fingers
  • Clapping the hands
  • Patting or knocking the chest
  • Patting the thighs with open palms
  • Stamping the feet on the floor

It’s a bonding exercise

Have you ever seen a group of people working together to produce the same rhythm? It’s unifying, electrifying, and above all fun, all rolled into one. Body percussion is a quick technique and also one of the simplest ways of experiencing elation in a large group of people because there’s no setup or equipment.

This team building activity utilises your body as a source of percussion! Your team will come together as they slap, clap, click, stomp, and even bump their way to a universal rhythm. It’s a very versatile way to energise, connect, and motivate people, particularly if you are short of time.

Free Body Percussion for Team Building Resource

We are African Beat! First of all, we have 15 years experience in organising Team Building and Incentive events for small, medium, large & also huge companies. Our sessions are a fail-safe way to get the entire audience involved and moving to the rhythm because of the energising beats and rhythms generated. Our Body Percussion session will get your audience to move in unity and create a very unique and powerful experience of togetherness which they will certainly remember for a lifetime!

Download our FREE Body Percussion Team Building Video


  1. Total inclusion – Anyone and everyone can participate, irrespective of culture, language, age or fitness level. Above all, no previous musical experience is required!
  2. Lack of competition – Body Percussion does not create divisions between participants so no one loses out or is humiliated.
  3. Stress release – This creative process releases natural endorphins hence people relax and just have some fun time.
  4. Long-lasting effects – Most people that have participated in our team building body percussion activity say that memories of the activity stay with them for a long time. We make sure that the audience will have a memorable and fun experience.

Word of warning… The one thing that you need to worry about is your staff taking off on world tours with their new air band!

When to use body percussion?

One of the main features is its appropriateness to a broad range of occasions, including:

  • team building events
  • team meetings
  • conferences
  • meeting and conference openings
  • icebreakers
  • corporate away-days
  • conference and meeting energisers
  • management and leadership training
  • motivational events
  • corporate parties
  • product launches

Therefore, the best part is, you don’t need an instrument to make music — you always have a hand clap just an arm’s length away (drum roll, please!)

African Beat are leaders in African Style Body Percussion. In fact, our Performers (including Master Drummer Tuza – the Artistic Director of African Beat) have been playing percussion all their life.

We specialise in providing inclusive events for team building and corporate entertainment. In our vast experience, we have successfully delivered plenty of team building events, involving thousands of participants from around the globe. We give emphasis to the activities that are enjoyable by everyone. Body Percussion brings people together, and the effects last for a long time.

Benefits of Drumming for Team Building in the Workplace

Drumming for Team Building

We all understand the importance of team members feeling comfortable working together & trusting each other. Team building is vital to a company’s success & should be incorporated into the schedule to ensure maximum productivity. Of the least known yet effective team bonding activities, African drumming makes the list. This involves a team drumming together in sync in a bid to improve on group dynamics in addition to enhancing togetherness. Few people are aware of how effective drumming is to team building. We are going to take a look at the benefits of drumming for team building in the workplace.