Teambuilding Body Percussion

Have you ever experienced the exhilaration of a large group of people all keeping the same rhythm? It’s thrilling, unifying and fun all rolled into one. Body percussion is a quick and simple way of experiencing this elation without the need for instruments.

Make Room for Fun in the Workplace

Work is serious business. However, we shouldn’t forget that workers alsoneed to let their hair down once in a while. Otherwise productivity falls and enthusiasm fades.

Try our free teambuilding video & reap the rewards, including:

  • Increased productivity
  • Happier environment
  • Less conflict
  • Increased creativity
  • Better Communication

Who wouldn’t want that?

Free, Unique Team Building

Do you have team members that show up to work, listless, disinterested and who only do the bare minimum to get by? You know they are good at what they do but they just are not engaged.

It happens in most workplaces. People start with a workplace excited about the opportunities and dedicated to meeting the organisation’s goal and values.

Somewhere along the line, they unplug, becoming just a cog in the wheel.

If you look around and find your people are disconnected, here’s a quick, easy & fun way to get them energised and united.


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What is Body Percussion?

Put simply, body percussion is using your body parts/body movement to create percussive sounds. The different sounds come together to create a rhythm. Think STOMP

Body percussion is perhaps the easiest way to have fun with rhythm. It follows simple steps that allow total beginners to engage in complex polyrhythmic sequences, originates from traditional culture.

Our 5-minute video gets your team on their feet, following non-strenuous movements, forming deeper bonds with each other as they smile, laugh & open up!

The group will create music together, learning different rhythms that fit together and using the tools they’ve had with them all along – their own body. Through clapping hands, tapping toes, stomping feet and tapping their own body, participants will be overjoyed by what they have created together with just a little guidance.

Benefits for using body percussion for team building

  • It’s easily accessible (Get it now)
  • It’s free
  • It’s suitable for groups of all sizes
  • It’s suitable for people of any age, fitness level or background
  • It encourages creative expression
  • It focuses attention
  • It improves concentration
  • Rhythm regulates the brain
  • It fosters unity
  • It’s an activity that can create a level playing field
  • It’s exceptionally FUN

Music also benefits your heart, brain & health meaning your employees will be less likely to take sick days.

Will my team like it?

The announcement comes through the internal messaging system – the date for the next team building activity.

Throughout the organisation, there are collective groans and eye rolls because the team knows it will be like Groundhog Day – the same old, same old. The keynote speaker talking about team work and sharing a story while most struggle to stay awake and engaged.

Or it is a physical activity that gets the fit in the office excited but the ones who are not so athletic, cringe and hope they will be sick that day.

Or the trust fall activity. Yes, your colleague might catch you on the day but there is big difference between doing something because you are expected to and being accountable.

If you are going to do team building, make sure it is something that everyone can connect over, that brings people together in the spirit of creating something worthwhile and lifts the spirits.

Body Percussion can do all of this. There are many articles on the healing power of rhythm for the individual. The same applies to teams.

The invigorating beats and rhythms generated in this session are guaranteed to get the entire crowd moving to the rhythm in solidarity and create a very unique and powerful experience together which they will remember for a lifetime!

Who is Tuza?

Master Drummer Tuza, the Artistic Director of African Beat started a band in his hometown of Ghana back in the early 90’s called Salaka. In Tuza’s language Salaka means sharing which is Tuza’s passion & purpose – to share the music & traditions of his tribe with the world.

Tuza has always known the powerful impact rhythm has when it comes to bringing people together. When he moved to Australia & settled in Sydney some 15+ years ago, he made it his mission to unite groups of people that needed a little help. Read more about Tuza here:

Rhythm & Drumming have been used for centuries as a means of bringing people together, Building communities, strengthening relationships, a grand call to come together, an announcement, a celebration…

Our live Body Percussion in action

How does it work?

It’s so simple –

  1. Get a screen (connected to the internet) prepared
  2. Gather your staff where they can all see the screen
  3. Press play
  4. Watch your team transform into an orchestra using the original musical instrument – the human body

What’s the catch?

There’s always a catch!
True to their name, the Salaka Ensemble want to share their rich cultural heritage with the world. We would love to have EVERYONE drum with us to experience the powerful impact it can have on individuals & groups. It would be impossible to get the whole population drumming with us, so this is our compromise. Body percussion is simple & can be done without props.

Plus, we secretly know that you’ll love it so much, you’ll be sure to book us for an African Drumming session for your next team building day.


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