Teambuilding Dancing

Make Room for Fun in the Workplace

Work is serious business. However, we shouldn’t forget that workers also need to let their hair down once in a while. Otherwise, productivity falls and enthusiasm fades.

Try our free teambuilding video for group activities & reap the rewards, including:

  • Increased productivity
  • Happier environment
  • Less conflict
  • Increased creativity
  • Better Communication

That’s music to our ears!

Free, Unique Team Building

Sometimes, getting team dynamics right is not about having a team building guru come in but about remembering the joy of working as a team.

It is easy in the hurley burley of day-to-day tasks, deadlines and pressures to forget we are working with other human beings. The pressure to get a job done can sometimes over shadow the team connection. We forget to rely on each other.

If you look around and find your people aren’t gelling together, here’s a quick, easy & fun way to connect your team so they can thrive.


Download our Free Team Building Video, now!

What is it?

African Dancing. Our 5-minute video will get your staff on their feet, moving to the beat, forming deeper bonds with each other as they smile, laugh & open up! Through non-strenuous, fun movements, your staff will become African Dancers and learn that dancing together provides immeasurable joy. African Dancing is inherently social. Witness employees moving together in synchrony and empathy. Your staff will feel connected, respected, and provided a safe environment in which to thrive. Dancing together fosters respect, teamwork, confidence and a sense of joy and accomplishment, which we hope to bring to your business.

Why is it so good?

The physical nature of dancing makes it an excellent activity for teambuilding exercises. Participants feel energised while interacting with colleagues in a fun environment.

  • It’s easily accessible (Get it now)
  • It’s free
  • It’s suitable for groups of all sizes
  • It’s suitable for people of any age, fitness level or background
  • It encourages creative expression
  • It focuses attention
  • It improves concentration
  • It releases stress
  • It fosters unity
  • It’s extremely FUN

Who are you?

Master Drummer Tuza, the Artistic Director of African Beat started a band in his hometown of Ghana back in the early 90’s called Salaka. In Tuza’s language Salaka means sharing which is Tuza’s passion & purpose – to share the music & traditions of his tribe with the world.

One of Salaka’s original members was Sammy, who also happens to be Tuza’s nephew. Sammy is an exceptional dancer and drummer. Having touredhere annually since 2008, Sammy now calls Australia home.

Fun Fact: The drummer in the video is another of Tuza’s nephews, Ezekiel –yes, a very talented family!

African Beat specialises in interactive drumming – bringing people together through the power of music.


How does it work?

It’s so simple –

  1. Get a screen (connected to the internet) prepared
  2. Gather your staff where they can all see the screen
  3. Press play
  4. Giggle with your team as they open up through dance

What’s the catch?

There’s always a catch! True to their name, the Salaka Ensemble wants to share their rich cultural heritage with the world. We would love to have EVERYONE drum with us to experience the powerful impact it can have on individuals & groups. It would be impossible to get the whole population drumming with us, so this is our compromise. African Dancing is simple & can be done without props.

Plus, we secretly know that you’ll love it so much, you’ll be sure to book us for an African Drumming session for your next team building day.

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