Program Options

You don’t have to be a drummer or have musical experience to love our team building programs.

All team building activities packages can be tailored to incorporate your theme.

The Original Experience

Interactive Drumming

  • A drum for everyone
  • Master Drummers from Africa
  • Inhibitions melt away
  • Discover your combined potential
  • Empowering & productive

Group size: 10 to 1000 people

Time to Suit You: 5 – 60 mins

Ideal for: Conferences, icebreakers, energisers, awards nights, Christmas party, gala dinners, corporate events.


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The Whole Hog

Team Challenge

  • Extension of Interactive Drumming
  • A Handheld percussion instrument for everyone eg: shaker, bell, tambourine
  • Smaller teams for musical teamwork
  • Collaboration, decision making & creativity
  • Work toward a common goal

Group size: 20 to 100 people

Time to suit you: 60-90 mins

Ideal for: corporate days, team building days, conference breakout sessions.


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The Wake-Up/Shake-Up

Body Percussion

  • Participants use their own body to make music
  • Quick & easy setup
  • Short dynamic sessions
  • Showcases connections in a simple format

Group size: Unlimited

Time: 5-10 mins

Ideal for: icebreakers, energisers, conferences, breakouts, off-sites, corporate retreats, team exercises, team activity.


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