Spring Clean Your Workplace

The doonas have been put away at home. You no longer need to rug up like an eskimo to get to work in the morning and when you leave, the sun is still shining.

Spring is here and many people are giving their home a once-over. So why not give the office a spring clean. Time to go through the filing cabinets, clear out all the many plastic lids in the staff kitchen and reenergise the team.

Giving the workplace a spring clean is more than just cleaning, it is removing any stagnant energy built up after a winter of colds and flus, the lower energy that comes when it gets cold.

Cleaning up gets rid of clutter … but where to start?

Your desk

When was the last time your desk had a good wipe over? Chances are you came to work with a snuffly nose and a pesky cough, breathing germs all over your space. Time to get the spray cleaner and wipe down your phone, keyboard, mouse and desk. File away old papers, get rid of the piles in your to do list and organise into something resembling order. Then hit your email inbox getting rid of junk mail and emails you have responded to.

Equipment check

There is nothing more annoying than a printer that constantly jams up. If cash flow allows, maybe it is time to get a new one. You have probably heard lots of cursing coming from the photocopier room and this frustration leads to a decrease in productivity. Spring is a great time to check all office equipment to make sure it is working and functioning at 100%.

Team spirits

They’ve done studies finding winter makes people sad. It is called seasonable affective disorder (SAD). It impacts motivation, energy and loss of interest. Then there is the constant cycle of illness that comes with every winter – ongoing colds and flus that wear people down. It is worth considering a team spring clean of the spirit. A great way to do this is by doing a team building day with African Beat. Armed with drums, the team comes to you to help your team make music together. It is inspiring, brings everyone together as a renewed team and is the ultimate mood lifter.