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Why There Should Be Room For Fun In The Workplace

Work is serious business but when we forget the people doing also need to let off steam, otherwise productivity falls and enthusiasm wanes. Want some tips on how to bring fun into the workplace?

Here you go:

Get drumming

We are biased but after watching 1000s of people take part in African Beat team building or school sessions, we have witnessed lots of joy. The power of drumming breaks down barriers and inspires team spirit. We use ancient rhythms as a cutting-edge tool for communication. Your team will embark on a musical journey to discover their team pulse. Having lots of fun along the way, the result will be a unified, uplifted and motivated group.

Celebrate anything – birthdays, births, marriages, engagements, sporting wins, award wins, property purchases. Does it really matter?  Just stop and take the time to acknowledge people and where they are at. Your team will appreciate that you are thinking of them as more than just a cog in the machine.

Play games

The lunchroom can be for more than eating. Purchase fun board games or card games that do not take too long to play (or it can create an ongoing game over weeks) so people can connect over something more than just noshing on their lunch.  Or organise a regular games event – golf day, putt putt, tennis, barefoot bowls – something that gets you all outside and enjoying the sun.

Don’t be so serious

Yes, we get the workplace is where people got to produce work to make the company they work for a profit but why does it have to be all serious? Encourage staff to laugh and enjoy the space they are in, to laugh out loud and to stop and smell the roses. This also means do not squish people’s personalities – some people are more gregarious than others, while some are quiet with a drier sense of humour – encourage people to be themselves at work.


Sometimes what is fun for you is not for other people. So, ask your team what they would like to do to have more fun at work. You could create a fun calendar so every month, you try something new.

How will all this fun and frivolity help your workplace?

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced sick days
  • Happier environment
  • Increased profit
  • Less conflict

Who wouldn’t want that? If you do, get in touch with us today and find out how we can bring some joy to your workplace.