100 Faces Of Small Business

100 faces

Earlier this year, African Beat, namely Tuza (our Artistic Director) became one of the 100 Faces of Small Business in Queensland. We are honoured to be whittled down to the chosen 100.
The 100 Faces of Small Business is a government initiative that showcases the human stories behind diverse small businesses and highlights their unique experiences and inspiring stories.

We’ve all heard that when you buy a product/service from a small business some actually does a happy dance! Well, when this small business found out that we’d be one of the 100, there was happy dancing x 100!

We are Australia Wide

So, although we are one of the 100 faces in Queensland, our business is actually national. Our HQ is based on the beautiful Gold Coast. While Master Drummer Tuza lives in Sydney, we work with incredible performers in all the major cities of Australia. Did you know, we even sponsor 3 performers to come from Ghana (West Africa) to come to Australia for a national school tour?

Meet the Face

You can see our profile on the Queensland Government website.

Master Drummer Tuza Afutu

The profile has information about Tuza’s background including how he started out in a poor village & now runs a successful company with hundreds of drums to get the audience involved in his interactive shows. You can read more about Tuza & our background in our About section.

Tuza also explains that a lot of his participants (especially adults) think that they have no rhythm. Tuza strongly disagrees and promises he can get anyone drumming in rhythm.

“Rhythm is inside you”