When To Use African Entertainment

Live bands

African entertainment is so diverse. The audience can watch and enjoy or get involved. We can turn any group of people into a percussion orchestra in minutes… Our main options include:

Here we take a look at some of the times you might want to use African Entertainment to give your event the x-factor.

Annual Conference

Take a break from your routine annual conference to stimulate your participants. Get your conference off to an energetic start, increase concentration & enthusiasm.

  • Explosive ‘wake-up’ session, fun icebreaker, motivational team building activity
  • African Beat can tailor a program to suit, incorporating your conference theme

Motivational Speakers

Imagine the reactions of your audience when the ironic ‘motivational speaker‘ does not utter a single word, yet speaks volumes about teamwork through the power of interactive drumming. This refreshing and creative approach is more powerful than words.

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Ice Breaker/Energiser

With a drum for everyone, the audience is transformed into a percussion orchestra, totally enthralled and inspired by the rhythm. Surprise and engage your delegates with an explosive, interactive drumming experience.

Company Christmas Party Entertainment

A staff party at Christmas is an excellent way of saying a big thank you to your staff.

  • Inclusive, creative, upbeat, very merry!
  • Get everyone into the rhythm of the festive season
  • End the year on a high note

Office Parties/Retreats

If you are looking for inspiration for your office party, African Beat guarantees a fun, memorable and unique experience.

  • Liven up the party
  • Staff will be talking about the party for weeks afterwards

Road Shows

Drum up support for your products across the country and impress consumers with a dynamic image of your company!

  • Add a wow factor to your roadshow
  • Draw attention to your products & create a highly memorable event

Product Launches

African Beat’s drumming spectacular and background beats can increase your company’s visibility, helping to promote your product in an original and exciting way with maximum impact and energy.

Awards Nights

Drumming is a powerful way to express recognition and honour success. African Beat creates unique awards celebrations, guaranteed to excite participants and leave a lasting impression.

  • Drive your team to exceed expectations
  • Achieve personal and organisational goals


Drum up your celebration! Choose an interactive drumming experience for everyone, or a showcase performance. No matter how big or small the party, African Beat guarantees it will be one to remember. Whether it’s a birthday party for a 7 or 70-year-old, a wedding, engagement, hens party or just because.

African Entertainment

African Entertainment is dynamic, high energy and lots of fun. Looking for ideas for events, incentives, motivational activities, team building games and activities, icebreaker games, corporate fun? Look no further!