Drumming Heals

Drumming Heals

Drumming heals and this is why Robert Lawrence Friedman. wrote The Healing Power of the Drum.

Psychotherapist and drum facilitator, Friedman, weaves a tapestry of personal experience, fascinating anecdotes and compelling research. He demonstrates the hand drum’s (djembe and kpanlogo) capacity to provide significant health benefits for everyone. This breakthrough book examines the use of hand drums in treating at-risk adolescents, stressed-out employees, Vietnam veterans, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and more.

Making a Difference in Ghana

making a difference in ghana

Together, we can make a difference in Ghana to the lives of young people. A percentage of every performance will be donated to support young people in Ghana.

Tuza Afutu met Bishop Laryea, a Youth/Community Development worker, in Sydney. Bishop is also from Ghana and runs AYI Centres. We learned about the amazing work they are doing in Ghana. Their mission is to help young people break the cycle of poverty and exploitation through education, recreation and mentoring.

As part of our 13th annual Salaka Interactive Drumming Tour, we have teamed up with AYI Centres and with help from the schools that invite us, we will fund a mobile library right in the heart of Tuza’s hometown.

The Story of Sammy Oblah

fun at work

Master Drummer Tuza formed The Salaka Ensemble to preserve the traditional music of the Ga tribe of Ghana. Sammy Oblah (the lead performer of The Salaka Ensemble Tour), as Tuza’s nephew, definitely has music in his blood. He started out as a dancer and practised every day after school for 4-6 hours and on weekends too.

Sammy impressed the African Beat team when he showed his leading and organising skills on the first Salaka Interactive Drumming tour in 2008. He has been on every tour since, leading the shows, teaching the other musicians, driving all across Australia and delighting audiences with his exuberant energy. Sammy really is the face of the Salaka Tour and we love his energy both on & off the stage.

Back in Ghana, Sammy has a second passion. To improve the lives of his community through politics. He campaigns to improve sanitation and education. Seeing the facilities we have in Australia has made him determined to widen the access for these in Ghana too.

What Does A Mouse Have To Do With It?

Different Uses Of Drums


At African Beat, we use drums to tell stories, connect cultures and build teams. Led by renowned master drummer, Tuza, the creative force behind all African Beat’s programs, our African entertainers immerse people in the authentic African entertainment.

Through our interactive drumming, we bring people together taking them on a fun-filled drumming adventure. For us, using drums for team building is our thing.

Within minutes of sitting in front of a drum, people are overcome by curiosity and want to start creating a beat. Team building using drumming is all about transforming teams into a percussion orchestra, finding a common beat. It is a non-competitive activity, that requires trust, listening skills, and co-operation. By the end of the activity, the team is revived and has reached a unified goal.

We love drums so much. We want to acknowledge the other ways that drums are used by people.

Choosing a School Incursion

Choosing a school incursion

When planning for the year ahead, there is always someone (or many people) tasked with choosing a school incursion. Schools get many offers from performers and so it is important that teachers know what to expect from the production. Certain criteria have to be met. As an educational institution, you have a responsibility to the students and parents, to provide a sound education. Schools should not have a live performance without knowing exactly what to expect. So what does one look for when choosing a school incursion? 

Getting The Beat On The History Of African Drumming

History Of African Drumming

Africa is a vast continent, rich and diverse with many different nations and cultures. Music hums through this land, with it used for many ceremonies, rituals and in religion.

For African Beat, our founder Tuza hauls from Ghana, where drums are the heart of West African music. The main types of drums are djembe and kpanglogo (aka tswreshi).

We want to share with you a little about the djembe, which is the main type of drum African Beat uses for team building, performances, and school activities.

Work Christmas Party Ideas Your Employees Will LOVE!

Work Christmas Party Ideas

So… You’ve been tasked with organising your work Christmas party – gulp! Ok! You can stop scratching your head! We’ve got you covered with ideas to make your office Xmas party rock!

We’ll go through the best options based on your expected numbers, budget and some themes to base your party on.

Planning a Benchmark Work Christmas Party that your Colleagues will Use to Compare ALL Past and Future Parties

Team Building Gold Coast – A Case Study

Team Building Gold Coast

We take a look at our recent event – team building Gold Coast.

The Client

Collins Foods Limited is an Australian listed public company which operates food service retail outlets. They have over 10,000 employees.

Collins Foods is responsible for KFC in Australia and Europe, Taco Bell in Australia and Sizzler restaurants in Australia and Asia.

Their company mission:

“Establish Collins Foods as a leading restaurant holding company, which operates premier brands where people love to eat and are proud to work.”

The Story of Tuza Afutu

Tuza is a master drummer from Africa

Tuza Afutu is a spectacular performer, passionate teacher and an expert in traditional West African music. He truly comes alive in front of an audience.

Hailing from Ghana, West Africa, Tuza began drumming at an early age. He came from a poor family and says “There is no way we had enough money to buy a drum.” He had to improvise with nothing but pots, pans and jerry-cans.

That was more than three decades ago. Now, Tuza is the  Creative Director of African Beat. He entertains Australian audiences with interactive African drum and dance sessions. Tuza captivates diverse groups including school students, aged care residents and corporate high fliers.

Team Building Sydney

 – A Case Study

Team building Sydney at Prince Alfred Park with African Beat

We were excited when the Canva team got in touch about a team building in Sydney they wanted us to be part of. But this wasn’t your typical team building. It wasn’t to address conflict or encourage team cohesion like we are often tasked with. This was a party. A celebration of a job well done.

Team Building in Sydney with Canva

When Chris Low got in touch, he told us of the incredible milestones the innovative business had reached…

10 million international users
Over 100 languages (including Zulu)

Canva recognised that each of their staff got them to these milestones and wanted to show their appreciation. Interactive African Drumming fit the bill and we were so pleased to be part of their celebration.