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The Story of Sammy Oblah

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Master Drummer Tuza formed The Salaka Ensemble to preserve the traditional music of the Ga tribe of Ghana. Sammy Oblah (the lead performer of The Salaka Ensemble Tour), as Tuza’s nephew, definitely has music in his blood. He started out as a dancer and practised every day after school for 4-6 hours and on weekends too.

Sammy impressed the African Beat team when he showed his leading and organising skills on the first Salaka Interactive Drumming tour in 2008. He has been on every tour since, leading the shows, teaching the other musicians, driving all across Australia and delighting audiences with his exuberant energy. Sammy really is the face of the Salaka Tour and we love his energy both on & off the stage.

Back in Ghana, Sammy has a second passion. To improve the lives of his community through politics. He campaigns to improve sanitation and education. Seeing the facilities we have in Australia has made him determined to widen the access for these in Ghana too.

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The Story of Tuza Afutu

Tuza is a master drummer from Africa

Tuza Afutu is a spectacular performer, passionate teacher and an expert in traditional West African music. He truly comes alive in front of an audience.

Hailing from Ghana, West Africa, Tuza began drumming at an early age. He came from a poor family and says “There is no way we had enough money to buy a drum.” He had to improvise with nothing but pots, pans and jerry-cans.

That was more than three decades ago. Now, Tuza is the  Creative Director of African Beat. He entertains Australian audiences with interactive African drum and dance sessions. Tuza captivates diverse groups including school students, aged care residents and corporate high fliers.