Different Uses Of Drums


At African Beat, we use drums to tell stories, connect cultures and build teams. Led by renowned master drummer, Tuza, the creative force behind all African Beat’s programs, our African entertainers immerse people in the authentic African entertainment.

Through our interactive drumming, we bring people together taking them on a fun-filled drumming adventure. For us, using drums for team building is our thing.

Within minutes of sitting in front of a drum, people are overcome by curiosity and want to start creating a beat. Team building using drumming is all about transforming teams into a percussion orchestra, finding a common beat. It is a non-competitive activity, that requires trust, listening skills, and co-operation. By the end of the activity, the team is revived and has reached a unified goal.

We love drums so much. We want to acknowledge the other ways that drums are used by people.

Dragon Boating

The drummer on a dragon boat is the heartbeat of the team. The percussive beat keeps the paddlers in time. A good drummer can synchronise their beats with strokes of the paddlers. The drummer leads the paddlers throughout a race using the rhythmic drum beat to indicate the frequency and synchronicity of all the paddlers’ strokes. This means the cadence dictates the pace – slower, faster, accelerate.

Every team competing has to have a drummer – both tactical and ceremonial.

Rock Bands

Ask any drumkit player and they will tell you they are the backbone of the band …along with the bass. Imagine Led Zep without John Bonham, Nirvana with Dave Grohl, The Who without Keith Moon or White Stripes with Meg White. Without the drummer, a song would be a shambles, setting the timing of the song.

Healing with Drums

Drum therapy is an ancient approach to self-expression and healing. There is so much evidence that shows drumming calms the mind, removes stress and can help the body heal. Buddhists have been using drumming for more than 2,500 years to bring people together for meals, talks, and meditation. Drumming can induce a natural high because it increases alpha waves, making you feel calm and relaxed.


The beat of the drum helps focus the brain especially for those who suffer from ‘monkey brain’. Drumming and chanting can be used to create a focal point allowing the mind to focus and find clarity. By using monotonous, punctuated beats, the mind can quickly achieve a mindful state.


Did you know that drumming can make you smarter? It is a great workout for your brain because you are using all areas of it. Research shows that the physical energy of the drumming brings both sides of the brain together – synchronising it.