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We donate a percentage of every booking to help young people in Ghana.


Everything You Need To Know About Our Kids Parties


How many children can I invite?

There is no minimum or maximum number of children required. Any numbers can be catered for. Our prices cover you for up to 30 children & you will pay $5 + GST per additional child if there are more than 30. 

There’ll be less than 30 kids, can the parents join in too?

We supply drums for the kids only. The parents will still have a fantastic time and the performer will engage them in the show and encourage them to sing and dance and have some fun. Even the grandparents will have a ball! 

What ages is this suitable for?

All of the ages! From 1-year-old up. It’s especially good for those awkward parties with children of all different ages as African Drumming really is loads of fun for everyone. Even the parents & the grandparents love our parties & can’t help but clap along! Some even let loose & have a dance!

Where can I have a party?

We come to you, so pretty much anywhere. Indoors & Outdoors! At home, at a community hall or in a park.

What do you bring?

We bring everything we need. We bring drums for all the children, lots of other percussion instruments and lots of energy to keep the kids entertained so you can relax!

Do you have party favours/presents?

We have lots of instrument options. Our most popular ones are a 40cm djembe drum for the birthday child and Wristbands/Aslatua as party favours! Please take a look at our online store or contact us to receive a discount for bulk buy. 

Number of Items   Ball Shaker (Aslatua  Wristband   40cm Djembe 
2-20 $10 each   $5 each   $98 + GST each 
20 + $9 each   $3 each   $75 + GST each 

What’s involved in booking?

We have made it super simple for you. There are 3 steps to the booking process: 

  1. Provide us with the details of the party (approx. number of children that will be coming to the party, the location, date & time and your contact details) 
  2. Sign a confirmation document to lock us in on your preferred date & time. 
  3. Make a payment a minimum of 4 weeks before the party 

How much notice do I need to give to book?

The earlier you book, the better – we will have more options and should be able to accommodate your requests. 

We will do our best to accommodate any last-minute bookings – providing we are available. However, our calendar does get pretty full so please book as early as possible to avoid disappointment and to allow sufficient time for planning. 

There may also be additional administrative fees added to bookings that are made with less than 2 weeks notice.  

Who are the performers?

Our performances are always led by a Master Drummer from Africa. All our performers are authentic African musicians/dancers… The real deal!  

Where are you?

Our office is currently based on the beautiful Gold Coast and our Artistic Director Tuza is based in Sydney. We work with professional African musicians in all the cities and only choose the best! 

How long have you been performing for children?

We’ve been doing this long enough (over 15 years) to know how to make a kids party a real success. Our Performers have even more experience, so you’re in good hands.


How much does it cost?

Our prices start from $395 + GST for up to 30 children – with an additional cost of $5 + GST for extra children. To get our Price List, please send us an enquiry & it will be sent directly to your inbox.

When do I pay?

We will invoice you when you make a booking. Your payment is due within 14 days of the invoice or a minimum of 4 weeks before the show. For bookings with less than 4 weeks notice, you will need to pay immediately by credit/debit card.
if there are more children than 30, we will invoice you for the additional numbers after the show.

How do I pay?

We will send you an invoice with instructions on how to transfer the money into our bank account. There is also an option to pay by credit/debit card (please let us know if you want this option) and there is a 3% processing fee for this method.

How do I pay by credit/debit card?

If there is no “processing fee” amount listed on your invoice, you first need to tell us you’d like to pay via card. A quick phone call/email is ok. Next, click “Review & Pay” on the invoice email & then the green “Pay Now” button. This will take you to PayPal where you can sign in to your account or continue as a guest.

Preparing for the Party

What if our location can be difficult to find/access?

If you have specific arrival instructions please email this to us minimum one week prior to the show or preferably at the time of confirming your booking.

Will you need a PA system?

Nope! No amplification of sound is required.

How should the performance area be set up?

We will need an open space and 2-3 chairs for the performance area.

The children can sit on the floor or on chairs in front of the performance space or in a circle if that suits your space. The number of drums will depend on the number of children. The performer will be able to adjust the performance needs to your available space.

The Day of the Party

How long is the African Drumming?

It’s 1 jam-packed, fun-filled hour.

What time do you arrive?

The performers will arrive approx. 20 minutes prior to the show to allow plenty of time to set up.

What’s involved in the set up?

We prepare and deliver all necessary equipment and handle all set up. Our African Performer will need to get as close as possible to the performance area to be able to transport the drums. If you or another parent could lend a hand with transporting the drums, we would be very grateful.

What else do you need from me?

We will need the final number of children attending the party to ensure we invoice you correctly.

We would also love to hear any feedback you may have for us.

Can we take pictures/videos?

You can certainly take pictures – can you please ensure African Beat is referenced so anyone who sees it can also know who was involved. We’d also love to see the pictures so if you could email them to us that would be appreciated.

And if you want to share any on Facebook or Instagram please use the links to tag us.

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