Making a Difference in Ghana

making a difference in ghana

Together, we can make a difference in Ghana to the lives of young people. A percentage of every performance will be donated to support young people in Ghana.

Tuza Afutu met Bishop Laryea, a Youth/Community Development worker, in Sydney. Bishop is also from Ghana and runs AYI Centres. We learned about the amazing work they are doing in Ghana. Their mission is to help young people break the cycle of poverty and exploitation through education, recreation and mentoring.

As part of our 13th annual Salaka Interactive Drumming Tour, we have teamed up with AYI Centres and with help from the schools that invite us, we will fund a mobile library right in the heart of Tuza’s hometown.

Together, we will buy and ship books to the library which will create jobs for 2 local people to become mentors.

These mentors will then directly impact the lives of at least 10 children. They meet every week to help them grow personally, educationally and emotionally. They will tailor the help to each individual’s specific needs.

The whole community will have access to resources that could actually change their lives. William Kamkwamba from Malawi changed the lives of his community with a library book. He learned how to build a windmill from junk to power his village. He was 14 years old! Listen to his story here.

AYI Centres have had so much success with this in other parts of Ghana and we are excited to be responsible for helping young people (aged 8-17) in Salaka’s hometown.

We Will Make A Difference In 2020

This is what we are aiming to fund, as a minimum, in 2020

  • A Mobile Library
  • Ghanaian and English Language Books
  • 2 Mentors
  • Mentoring for 10 children
  • Access to the library for the whole community

A percentage of every performance will be donated to AYI Centres to fund the project.

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