Tuza – Osato CD Album


Master Drummer Tuza‘s second album “Osato” released in 2013. Includes favourite tracks such as Baajo and Ilele Mama. Artists featured include The Salaka Ensemble from Ghana, Zola (Bass & Xylophone) & Shadrack Yawson (Keyboard).

“Thanks to the great ancestors for the beautiful rhythms and songs they left me… Big thanks to the highest spirit for the possibility.” Tuza

Features African instruments including; Tsrweshi (Kpanlogo) Drum, Ashakai shakers, Dun duns (big bass drums), Deru (traditional bell), Kangan (small instrument played with sticks, Sogo & Kidi (ewe drums).

Other Western instruments: Keyboard, bass guitar, guitar, trumpet, xylophone & saxophone.

Track Listing:

1 – Osato
2 – Ilele Mama
3 – Manye Maya
4 – Naki
5 – Baajo
6 – Setsi
7 – Salaka
8 – Salamutua
9 – Tibaa wor

Get an insight into the tribal drumming, dancing and singing harmonies you can expect from this CD. Check out the highlights video of the CD release event in Melbourne(featuring Tuza & The Salaka Ensemble) here:



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