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Salaka Drumming

Salaka: Sharing the Spirit of Africa
Hands-on! Every student has a turn on the drums!

African Beat presents a well-structured, informative and highly interactive drumming performance by one of West Africa’s top cultural troupes The Salaka Ensemble. “Salaka” means “Sharing” in the Ga language of Ghana. The school incursion by visiting artists from Ghana immerses students in the rich culture and rhythms of Africa, in an entertaining and educational way. Best of all – it’s hands-on!

Bringing literally hundreds of drums to your school, every student will learn and play an authentic African rhythm. Salaka will transform your students into a dynamic, unified percussion ensemble. The students will learn a traditional African song to accompany the drumming rhythm and experience African dancing. Through the rich musical traditions shared by our incomparable African performers, the students will be transported to the tribal villages of Africa.

Modern and relevant issues that affect children and families in developing African countries are discussed in a positive way through music, from performers who speak from direct experience. The folk tales and stories that are integrated throughout the show, give students an informed perspective on village life and culture in Africa. This is a meaningful and valuable way for students to gain cultural sensitivity for their counterparts on the other side of the world.

The show introduces students to an array of traditional African instruments of all shapes and sounds, including the ‘talking drum’, djembe drum, kpanlogo drum, box drum, bells and shakers.

Salaka interrelates with core aspects of the syllabus including music, drama, physical education, dance, geography, history and HSIE.
This is Salaka’s 13th national tour – previous tours were sold out.

Primary School Incursion


  • Cost per student: $6 plus GST (for 135 students or more per performance)
  • Min Cost: $810 plus GST per performance (for up to 135 students)
  • Suitability: K-12
  • Duration: 50-55 minutes
  • Teachers Resource Kit $70 plus GST (with detailed preparation activities and music tracks)

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African Beat offers intensive African Rhythm Workshops in African drumming, dancing or singing. Available as a one-off session, an intensive day program, or a weekly program (subject to availability) tailored to suit your school’s needs.

Why not end the workshop program with a showcase of the students newly learnt talents in a performance for the whole school and community.

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Prices start from $320 + GST.

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Professional Development for Teachers

A teambuilding experience with a drum for every staff member, guided by our Master Drummers and Dancers we will transform your staff into African percussionists! Bring everyone together through the power of drumming.

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African Beat also offers targeted professional development for Music Teachers who would like to expand their curriculum with African rhythms.

Prices start from $490 + GST. Discounted rates available if we’re already at your school for a student show/workshop.

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The Salaka Ensemble

School Incursion

school show


“What an outstanding performance yesterday!!!! Wow, how incredible were Salaka! They are such a charismatic group who express their love of music and their culture so well. The response from our entire staff and student community has been over the top with awe and inspiration. There is already discussion amongst the staff as to how we will have Salaka back at our school, perhaps even to workshop with the staff. I am working on when I can attend the 4-week teacher program! This was the best music performance I have ever had in a school setting in 21 years of teaching.”
Inez Durrer, Our Lady of The Rosary School, QLD

“Salaka was everything I had hoped they would be; colourful, energetic, professional and a wonderfully positive presentation of their music and culture.”
Tanya Harne, Ripponlea Primary School, VIC

“One of the best school performances I have seen. A great balance of participation and performance. We would love to have Salaka back again! The students gained so much. Thank you!”
Carol Roberts, St Paul’s College, SA

“This is our second year and it was just as great as last year”
S Longton, Robina State School, QLD

“Well, we are exhausted but invigorated from the Salaka performance and workshop today! The concert was wonderful and exactly what we had hoped for. The fresh and authentic sounds of the pure, un-manipulated voices and the earthy drums was such a breath of fresh air for our students who are saturated with synthesised sounds and duff duff noises. They all wanted to stay for the workshop.”
Anne Bortolussi, Tintern Schools, VIC

“We loved that there were enough drums for all kids to have a turn at drumming. All the kids were involved for the whole performance. 10/10”
J Johanna, Highton Primary, VIC

“From students: when are you coming back? From teachers: fantastic music, fantastically informative, completely engaging. Amazing! Awesome, loved it! Come back! This was lots of fun and very educational. An excellent high quality (and quantity) performance. The most interactive presentation I’ve seen yet. So good to see so many smiles on students, teachers and Principal’s faces!!”
Megan Thomson, Oxley State School, QLD

“We had a very successful day today with Salaka. Both kids and teachers had a great time and it was a wonderful conclusion to our term’s unit on African music. I had very positive feedback from teachers, students, parents and the Principal.”
Henric Beiers, Williamstown Primary School, VIC

“Thank you for a wonderful experience I was privileged to see at Elizabeth East Primary School today. It was absolutely unforgettable! I love African music and I am in awe at the talent that the members of Salaka possess. I want to thank Salaka for sharing their dances, music and stories.”
Rebecca Wotton, Elizabeth East Primary, SA

“Performers interacted exceedingly well with students. Good mix of singing, drumming and culture.” 
Ms McCain Gibbs St Primary, WA

“Fantastic. Well worthwhile. Children enjoyed the whole performance, great that everyone had a turn on the drums!” 
Mrs Aponas, Ferny Hills Primary, QLD

“The students were so entertained and learnt a lot. The performance was excellently set for each year level – I sat through each and it was varied and engaging. It was so wonderful – especially when Salaka performed a birthday song for a staff member who turned 60 today! She will never forget it!! All the feedback comments on your website are true!!”
Kathleen Ronchi, St Macartan’s Parish Primary School, VIC


“Thank you very much for the incursion on Wednesday. The kids really enjoyed it. The performers were very professional and it was fantastic how much audience participation there was. It was great to see the whole school singing, laughing and playing instruments. So thank you.” 
Nancy Lowry, Coogee Primary School, WA

“Students were awestruck! Absolutely engaging, informative, educational and fun.” 
D. Anderson, Marymount Primary School, QLD

“The students loved this performance and were energised by it.” 
Ms Holder, East Torrens Primary School, SA

“The students were very excited about the amount of participation they had throughout the performance. They said it was the best performance they have ever been to.” 
Kelda Johnstone, East Ayr State School, QLD

“One of the best incursions we have had. Already recommended this performance to my wife’s school” 
Sam Fontaine, St Dominic’s Innaloo, WA

“They loved it!! Salaka interacted so well with the students. They were all smiles! An excellent, interactive, energetic and highly enjoyable incursion! I know staff and students will be keen to do this again.” 
Claire Brown, Waikiki Primary, WA

“The performance was fantastic! The presenters were so engaging and entertaining. The kids were constantly involved and had heaps of fun.”
Zoe Ravenscroft, Antonio Park Primary School, VIC

“The children were very motivated afterwards to learn more about Africa and were more aware of cultural diversity. They absolutely loved it. It was such a different incursion and the children got so much out of it. It was amazing how much they remembered about the performance and Africa. Even those children who don’t normally speak a great deal had a lot to say. Thanks – it was fabulous!! ”
Jane Vladich, North Mandurah Primary School, WA

“Students and teachers loved the performance. Very well structured and presented performance. Each concert was well targeted to the age group.” 
Vern O’Hara, Flemington Primary School, VIC

“They absolutely loved the show. Everyone walked out buzzing and with smiles on their faces. A fantastic show that involved everyone. It was great to hear about the culture as well.” 
Trish Akurugoda, Amsleigh Park Primary School, VIC

“The students learned a lot and had lots of FUN in the process. Thank you!” 
Anne McKay, Plenty Parklands Primary School, VIC

“Students were engaged for every moment – heat, body and soul!! Beautiful harmonies, beautiful music. Colourful, artistic presentation.”
Adria Green, Halls Head Primary School, WA

“The best performance we’ve had in 2011. Year 1’s enjoyed culture, singing, participating.” 
Margaret Arnold, St Stephens Catholic Pittsworth, QLD

“Fantastic – so many children thanked me for organising such an awesome incursion. There wasn’t one negative comment. It appealed to everyone and that is rare – FANTASTIC!” 
Lynneve Collard, Antonio Park Primary, VIC

“Fantastic! Well paced show, great cultural insights, great music, funny and entertaining.” 
Scott Templeton, Yarra Valley Grammar School, VIC

“The show was great, professional, really well orchestrated and well pitched, keeping the kids engaged the whole time. The involvement of teachers and children was fantastic and the humour too was really welcome.” 
Julie Brown, Freshwater Bay Primary School, WA


“Students were engaged, enthusiastic, entertained, involved. Pure joy! The best group to ever visit our school! AMAZING… We thoroughly loved the Salaka Performance. In fact, many people thought it was the best incursion ever!! We will definitely re-book.”
Katie Hardman, Mt Hawthorn Primary School, WA

“Students were very enthusiastic and loved joining in with the performers. Very hands on and allows the students to feel part of the performance. Performers are animated, enthusiastic, talented and professional. Wonderful. Exceptional performers, very cheerful and related well to the students”
Jan Preston-Smith, Park Ridge Primary School, VIC

“The school and I were very impressed with Salaka – fantastic workshop (as you already know!) We would like to make it a tradition here at Sandringham House every year if possible.”
Lisa Sheppard, Sandringham House, Firbank Grammar, VIC

“The students thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and the performance immensely. The other schools in the district have missed out on an amazing experience. We would like for the Salaka group to come back again next year.”
Tara Clowes, Innisfail East State School, QLD

“We had this wonderful group last year and would highly recommend it. This tied in with our African theme. Fabulous! We will get them again in the future.”
Sue Chapman, Holy Family School, Indooroopilly, QLD

“A wonderful rhythmic, entertaining and interesting performance. Thank you!”
Anne White, St Benedicts Primary School, ACT

“Great PD. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Salaka were well prepared with practical knowledge and very capable at passing that knowledge onto participants.”
Deb Francis, Safety Bay Primary, WA 

“Salaka were enthusiastically received at Wembley PS. I would love to have them come back next year if they are in town.”
Mary-Anne Goyder, Music Specialist: Wembley Primary School, WA

“I was overly impressed with every part of the performance; the humour; the education; the dancing; and the excitement that King Mo, Sammy and Anastasia gave to the children”
Mary Grace Tisdell, St Mary’s Primary WA

“Absolutely loved it. Really enjoyed the hands on drumming.”
Jessica Saladin, St Anne’s Catholic Primary School, VIC

“The whole event went off very well and Salaka were fantastic.”
Ben Hiscock, Xavier College, VIC

“The Salaka performances today have been AWESOME! Thank you so much for all your organisation.”
Beth Wheeldon, Pittsworth QLD

“What a fantastic incursion! The Salaka ensemble were just fabulous! The children and teachers are still talking about it! The three members Sami, Maluce and Alima are so talented. They immediately captured the audience’s attention with their amazing talent and friendly smiles.
We love the way the show included facts about the West African Culture. Of course, the highlight for the children was being able to play the djembe! They had smiles from ear to ear! There was such positive energy in our hall, it was great to be a part of it!
Once again we thank you for educating and entertaining our school community. We hope to have Salaka back again in the future.”
Connie Skinner, St Peter the Apostle, VIC