Salaka’s Favourite Ghanaian Recipe

Ghanaian Recipe

Salaka’s Ghanaian recipe is delicious.

Did you know Salaka means sharing? Salaka want to share their culture with Australians. Here’s our favourite dish you can make at home. 

Ghanaian Goat Curry/Stew

Ghanaian Recipe Ingredients

Lots of Oil for frying*

Chopped Goat Meat with bones**



Chilli Pepper***

Ginger, grated (approx. 2 TBsp)

Tomato Puree (approx. 4 small tins)

Chopped Tomatoes (4 tins)

Maggi cubes, at least 6 (according to taste) alternative use ordinary stock cubes.

Curry Powder – Madras – (3-4 Tsp If you want a stronger curry flavour, add more)

Fresh Coriander, chopped (lots)

Fresh Parsley (preferably flat leaf), chopped (approx. 2 Tsp).



Put all the ingredients, except for the onions, chilli and tomato paste into a large oven casserole dish or slow cooker/crock pot.

Fry the onions and chilli pepper until the onions are soft, and then add the tomato puree. Continue frying this for a few minutes.

Add this to the rest of the ingredients in the pot. Stir in water according to desired consistency (you may need to add more water during the cooking process.

Give it all a good stir. For the oven, casserole use the usual setting you use when making meat casseroles – e.g. 160-200C. Again let it cook for several hours until the meat is tender, just falls off the bone, but not disintegrating.


* Oil – It’s worth noting that Ghanaians use a lot of oil and salt in their cooking. You can still achieve a delicious dish by using less of the bad stuff!

** Goat – trade for lamb or beef if you can’t find goat
*** Chilli Pepper – should look like a sweet bell pepper but small & squashed. The squashed chilli peppers are HOT, they give a great flavour, though. If you can’t take the heat, do not cut open the chilly, let it cook whole and then take out before serving. If you can’t get that one, any other hot chilli will do.