Sustainable Team Building; How To Keep The Magic Going

Sustainable Team Building

What an amazing day your team has had working with African Beat on team building. You’ve created amazing music together and feel like you are all on the same page.

But how do you keep this feeling alive?

Are team building sessions like this sustainable long past the day?

We think so.

Sustainable Team Building

Start with a Bang

First, you have to start with a powerful team building exercise. Something that resonates with all your people. There are so many same old same old exercises out there that you know when you mention them to your team, the eyes start rolling. Of course, we are going to recommend African Beat because we have found teambuilding through the power of drumming is transformative because making music together breaks down barriers and inspires team spirit.


Take the time to talk about the experience after the fact. What did people learn? What did they get out of it? How do they see it enhancing how they work with each other? A debrief is great for making sense of an experience and solidifying those connections.


If it is in the budget, get a videographer to record the session. This way you can watch it back at team meetings or edit clips that can run on the company intranet or as a screensaver. This will serve as a reminder of the experience, getting the blood pumping as they remember how much fun they had and what they learned about each other.


Consider getting a small memento of the activity for delegates to reflect and look back on fondly. Our mini drums can be given to your delegates as a keepsake. You can even get your logo on the drum and we offer bulk buy pricing. The options & pricing for these can be found on the last page of our Rate Guide.

Make it a Regular Thing

We do not have one shower and are clean forever. We have to do it regularly.  The same with team building. A one-off exercise once a year is not going to make any huge differences in how your team works together. Once the glow of the fun and connections wears off, people tend to go back to old habits.

If you truly want your team to operate as effectively as possible, invest in team building on a regular basis – at least once a quarter. It does not always have to be a big exercise; just take the time to get together to connect. Check out our Free Team Building options to get you started.