Team Building Sydney

 – A Case Study

Team building Sydney at Prince Alfred Park with African Beat

We were excited when the Canva team got in touch about a team building in Sydney they wanted us to be part of. But this wasn’t your typical team building. It wasn’t to address conflict or encourage team cohesion like we are often tasked with. This was a party. A celebration of a job well done.

Team Building in Sydney with Canva

When Chris Low got in touch, he told us of the incredible milestones the innovative business had reached…

10 million international users
Over 100 languages (including Zulu)

Canva recognised that each of their staff got them to these milestones and wanted to show their appreciation. Interactive African Drumming fit the bill and we were so pleased to be part of their celebration.

Today’s Businesses

We love that businesses of today are putting their staff first. The rule was always to put your customers first but the rule is changing. Put your staff first and they will look after your customers. They will enjoy coming to work. They will be loyal. These are all very positive for your bottom line.

Team Building doesn’t always need to be about achieving certain metrics or fixing team dynamics, we should also make room for fun in the workplace and recognise that the world has changed.

Anyway, back to Canva’s story…!

Taking Advantage of Sydney’s Great Outdoors

As Canva’s office is in Sydney CBD they were spoilt for choice of venues for their team building. They settled on the beautiful Prince Alfred Park which was a hop, skip & jump from their office.

At lunchtime, 100 Canva employees strolled to the park with the sounds of tribal drumming growing louder with each step. They arrive to a whole lot of drums and three of African Beat’s native African Musicians dressed in colourful African costume. 
Lunch was served in the park while African beats filled the air and excitement, of what was to come, grew.

With full bellies, it took no time to get everyone drumming to the same beat, smiling, laughing and connecting with each other.

Another successful team activity and a memorable celebration for the deserving Canva team.

African Beat’s Team Building Sydney

African Beat offers Team Building in Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast & Woolongong. We also have teams of native African facilitators in Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and the Gold Coast. 

You can learn more about what we do or get a quick quote.

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