Team Work – That’s The Difference

Team Work

Sometimes getting team dynamics is not about having a team building guru come in but about remembering the joy of team work.

In the hurley burley of day-to-day tasks, deadlines and pressures, it is easy to forget we are working with other human beings. The pressure to get a job done can sometimes overshadow the team connection. We forget to rely on each other. Instead, seeing any interruptions or distraction as an intrusion into our space.

Of course, there are some things we need to do as individuals. However, the ultimate success of any project or organisation comes down the sum of its parts – the team.

Next time you are cursing being part of a team and the boss is suggesting a team building exercise, remember these six points of the benefits of being in a high functioning and happy team.

  1. Teams That Are Creative Together, Thrive Together

There is something exciting about putting heads together to come up with creative solutions… Brainstorming new ways to look at an old problem. When teams get creative together, there is an infusion of motivation and freshness that comes from combining unique perspectives. Being creative alone also means there is nobody there to celebrate the triumph of coming up with something new.

  1. Teams That Complement

When you bake a cake, you have to have all the right ingredients to get it right, so it rises. Same with a team. None of us have all the skills and characteristics necessary to be good at everything. Each of us has our set of abilities that when combined with a team can add value to the overall project.

  1. Trusting In Your Team

When we rely on others to get a job done, it builds trust. We know that person has got our back, we are not on our own. Of course, we are not always going to agree with each other – we are human after all but an effective team working together can create a strong bond.  When you trust your team, it gives space for creativity to flourish and is a safe place to come up with new ideas.

Without trust, nothing works, and this is where things fall apart. That’s where a good team building session with African Beat comes into play. The power of drumming, being in harmony together brings people closer and cements a trusting environment.

  1. Teams Learn How To Deal With Conflict

You cannot have a bunch of people working together and everyone gets along all the time. People come from different backgrounds, different ideas and different habits – some of those can be irksome. But working as a team can teach us how to work through those differences, be more accepting and ensure minor differences don’t become major conflicts.

  1. Teams Take Ownership

When teams trust each other and embrace each other’s strengths and differences, it creates a great place to take ownership of wins (and even losses).

  1. Teams Embrace Risk Taking

Not the bungee jump type but the strength in unity type. There is a reason for the saying “safety in numbers”. When working on something together, it feels safer to stick your neck out as a team rather than alone. Working as a team means you can take more risks because the team has got each other’s backs.

African Beat has impressed groups from 10 to over 1000 participants. We have the experience under our belts to provide successful team work for groups of all shapes and sizes. So, if you want to try something a little different but something that is jam-packed with fun and laughter, contact us today.