Testimonial Category: Boom Beats

Vicki Dean

PLEASE!  PLEASE!!  PLEASE!!!  Mrs Dean….Can you get Salaka to come back!!!! This is all I have heard from the Kippa Kids since last Wednesday! Even the teachers were asking!! The atmosphere was electric and everyone was mesmerised!!! I especially loved seeing the smiles on every face. One of our staff said it was one of the best times he has had as a teacher!!! I agree!

Principal Stephen Gray

An exhilarating performance which had every student and staff member captivated from beginning to end. One of the best incursions we’ve ever had!

Sally Jackson

The performances were fabulous. One of our teachers told me it was the best thing she has ever seen and several others commented later on how amazing it was.

G Anderson

Wonderful. The children were truly ‘buzzing’ after the involvement in this performance.

Romina Zappulla

Please pass on my sincere thanks and let them know that the students have been RAVING about how incredible the sessions were. Even the teachers can’t stop talking about it!

Zac, Year 6

It was fun and we learnt about drumming and their country.  Please rebook them!

Sarah Achike

Students, Staff and Parents were invigorated by the vibrant performance. High energy… Educational. Entertaining. By far the best incursion the school has had.

Carly Rigney

The children were so engaged and it was great to see their enthusiasm and smiles throughout the performance. Even a week later, the children are still singing the songs they learnt!

Alan Dawson

One of my most vivid memories of the African Beat experience was how each boy in year 8 sat with his own djembe under his seat for 35 minutes without touching it as they were so captivated by the presenter out front. Now that’s a huge behaviour management miracle for Year 8 boys but they were so taken with the energetic performance and personality of the musician they didn’t care about the drum under their seat. However, when they finally got to play the djembes, they let loose and had a ball. What a fun learning experience your team provided for them.