Testimonial Category: dancing

Donna Doherty

Your team was absolutely fantastic and everyone just loved them. Thanks again and we will certainly be calling you again.

Henri Devos

All staff were very, very pleased and enthusiastic, it is a fantastic team building exercise!

Michelle Clode

Everyone from the NRMA thoroughly enjoyed the drumming session with African Beat. The very talented facilitators were fantastic at getting everyone involved from the word go. Thank you African Beat for making our teambuilding session an exciting and memorable one.

Adrian Grbac

When we were looking for different team building exercises for our recent conference, I came across African Beat. I was looking for something that was unusual, that would take people out of their comfort zone, where people from totally different levels were equal in standing, and most importantly would be great fun. My expectations were exceeded by the troop from African Beat. It took very little time to get everyone in the groove and working together as a team and people who thought they had no musical bones in their body were getting right in to it. The African Beat team quickly built up great energy in the room was extraordinary. The session was fantastic fun and had people stepping out of their comfort zone with little hesitation. If you’re looking for something unusual that people will remember forever and helps build teams, then African Beat is for you!

Tamaryn Hurly

It was fantastic!  We had a rating card for all activities at the end, and your section scored all round 4s and 5s (out of 5) … a really nice surprise being that they are all actuaries that usually don’t get into that “let your hair down and go crazy” type of thing easily.

Your crew were so fun and engaging and entertaining.  It was the perfect addition to our conference.

Shayna Knowles

You guys have been recommended as you were involved in a meeting a few years ago that people are still talking about today….Thank you to you and your guys for African Beat team building exercise! The event and the guys were the subject of the rest of the night’s discussions! Good fun with lots of sore hands and sore cheeks (from smiling) afterwards!

Laura Mazin

Just a quick note to say the guys were fantastic!!! Thanks so much for a high quality excellent half hour we had with your guys!!!