Work Christmas Party Ideas Your Employees Will LOVE!

Work Christmas Party Ideas

So… You’ve been tasked with organising your work Christmas party – gulp! Ok! You can stop scratching your head! We’ve got you covered with ideas to make your office Xmas party rock!

We’ll go through the best options based on your expected numbers, budget and some themes to base your party on.

Planning a Benchmark Work Christmas Party that your Colleagues will Use to Compare ALL Past and Future Parties

If you want your party to set the benchmark for all past & future company events, let us help you. Granted, there are a lot of things you need to consider when planning your party. Here’s our checklist for planning your end of year party:

  1. Enlist the help of a colleague who knows how to party!
  2. Decide the vibe you want for the party – casual lunch, family day, dinner & drinks with all the bells and whistles
  3. Get a budget from your boss
  4. Set a date & time
  5. Decide if you’re inviting partners/children – work out pax.
  6. Work out your venue – have a wet weather plan for outdoor venues
  7. Do you need catering/furniture hire or anything else the venue doesn’t supply?
  8. Are you having alcoholic beverages?
  9. Do you want a themed event?
  10. Do you need decorations?
  11. Consider having a dress-up party
  12. How will you invite employees?
  13. And last but most certainly not least; Entertainment. Our speciality.

There are Hundreds of Employees – ARGH!!

Breathe. Organising a Christmas party for a large group of people doesn’t need to be as daunting as it sounds.

Why not have a themed party and base your choices for venue, decoration, food, entertainment, etc on your theme. Adding Fancy Dress is also a great way to break the ice for large groups and get people in the party spirit. It can also create momentum and engagement for the event before they even arrive.

African Drumming & Dancing performances can complement many themes. Our options include a breathtaking performance, a performance with audience interaction (a favourite for large groups) and background/roving drumming for guest arrival/cocktail hour (perfect for creating a fun atmosphere).

Theme ideas include:

  • Out Of Africa
  • Safari
  • Into The Jungle
  • Animal Kingdom
  • I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!
  • Around The World
  • Multi-Cultural
  • African
  • Arabian Nights
  • 15 Minutes of Fame
  • X-Factor
  • MTV Awards
  • Lion King
  • Carnivale
  • Masquerade Ball

You’re a Small Team – No Worries!

Small teams thrive off intimate working relationships. What’s better than to get everyone together for lunch/dinner followed by an activity that will have everyone laughing and having fun together. A perfect way to end a year of hard work and show your appreciation.

Our Interactive Drumming is the most popular Christmas Party idea for small groups of up to 100.

Not sure about having everyone drumming? That’s ok, it can be nervewracking to introduce a new activity that will take people out of their comfort zone. Trust us, it will be amazing. We’ve been doing this for long enough to see these apprehensions, but you’ll be happy you took the chance.

Still not convinced? That’s ok. Our second option is almost as fun. An African Drum & Dance Spectacular with audience interaction – i.e. a few people will be called out to drum with us while everyone else is encouraged to clap, dance or sing along. We tailor our entertainment to suit your group.

Your Budget is Tiny – We Still Have Work Christmas Party Ideas for you!

Don’t fear. There is still lots you can do with a small budget. Find a venue that will provide food, decor and drinks for a package price. That’s almost all you have to do! But don’t forget about entertainment. Don’t let it be another company lunch that is forgotten about by next week. Leave an impression with a fun Roving Drummer. This is our most affordable option that will really create a fun vibe.

Our top tip for getting everyone into the party spirit… YES, even the accountants!! Fancy Dress… You don’t have to use any of your budget to have a themed fancy dress.

What Does African Drumming Have to do with Christmas?

African music is all about bringing people together. Just like Christmas. Our work family are people that we see more than our actual family in most cases and we all come from diverse backgrounds. What better time to embrace our differences and similarities than at Christmas.

Did we forget to say it’s SO… MUCH… FUN!

Try out our Free Body Drumming or Dancing activity with your team and see for yourself.


Whatever you choose to do for your works Christmas celebration, the most important thing is recognising your employees and celebrating a special time of year.


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